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August 13th 2009Why People Don’t Succeed

Posted by Brian Bartes

I know a lot of you want to know what’s holding you back from achieving all that you want in life. While there are more opportunities today than ever, success is sometimes elusive… especially when you’re being held back by the thing I’m going to describe in a minute.


Imagine, for a moment, that you could remove the obstacle that’s standing in your way. Since it’s no longer stopping you, you are free to achieve success—however you define it. Like a thoroughbred racehorse when the starting gate opens, you are launched into a new chapter of your life. How will things be different now that you are free to achieve your goals? What will you be, do and have that seemed so elusive before?


Like much of personal and professional development, the answer to this question is simple. But don’t let its simplicity fool you. It’s also profound. Once you discover how to overcome this obstacle, all that you desire will be within your reach.


What’s the biggest reason people don’t succeed?


Because they don’t do the things they know they need to do to be successful.


In every area of life, there are about a half-dozen things that make all the difference. Think about it. Let’s take fitness. If you work out five days a week for 30-40 minutes, doing cardiovascular activity three of the days and strength training two days per week, you will be fit, right? Add in some stretching for good measure, and you’re done. You be in great shape in no time!


The formula for physical fitness isn’t a secret. If you asked 100 people on the street how to become physically fit, 97 would describe some variation of what I wrote above. So they know what they need to do. But they don’t do it.


It’s the same with health. Five fruits and vegetables a day, a proper balance of lean protein and carbs, stay away from junk food and “white poisons” (salt, sugar, white flour), and drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day. No news there, either. Pretty much common knowledge, right?


I bet you can make a list of activities required to be successful in your business or career, too. Do you have such a list? If so, how are you doing?


The concept is simple, yet we don’t always do the things we know we need to do to be successful. “Stuff” gets in the way, doesn’t it?


Salespeople get bogged down in paperwork, leaving them little time for calling on new business. Business owners get to the end of their day, and wonder where the time went because they spent the day putting out small fires. Professionals get to the end of the month thinking surely they must have had more billable hours than that!


In my coaching practice, my clients and I invest a lot of time determining their highest value activities. We monitor the extent to which those activities are being performed, and identify the stumbling blocks that get in the way. This process isn’t rocket science, and the truth flushes out pretty quickly.


In order to achieve success in any/every area of your life, you need to do the same thing. The trick is to figure out what needs to be done, and how to do it. Then, as they say in the Nike ad, “Just Do It!”


August 3rd 2009Dale Carnegie – Six Ways to Make People Like You

Posted by Brian Bartes

The most powerful concepts in personal development are often very simple, and easy to apply. Several examples of this can be found in Dale Carnegie’s classic book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. First published in 1937, this timeless classic is just as useful today as it was when it was first published.

Here are Dale Carnegie’s Six Ways to Make People Like You:

Principle 1. Become genuinely interested in other people.

Principle 2. Smile.

Principle 3. Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.

Principle 4. Be a good listener: Encourage others to talk about themselves.

Principle 5. Talk in terms of the other person’s interests.

Principle 6. Make the other person feel important – and do it sincerely.

(Source: How to Win Friends & Influence People)


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