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July 28th 2009You Asked For It

Posted by Brian Bartes

In the past month or so, I received two emails and one letter from readers who wanted to learn more about me. Not “me the success coach”, or “me the personal development expert”, but me the person.

Each letter approached this topic differently. One reader (and a coaching client of mine) recalled that I had once taken my son Andy to the Super Bowl, and had a question related to an article I had written about that experience. The second letter, from a newsletter subscriber, asked about the work that I had done with Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins.

The third was more general in nature. The woman who wrote that email asked why I don’t talk more about my personal life, and about my family. “I know you have four children,” she wrote. “Since you’re all about LifeExcellence, working less and making more, and living a balanced life, why don’t you talk more about your family?”

I appreciate the questions, and I’ve receive similar questions and comments from time to time.

As I thought about those emails and letters, I realized that I’m guilty of something else. I realized that topic selection for newsletter articles and blog posts involves me and my staff coming up with topics that we think are relevant. I hope we are providing useful information (and the feedback we receive indicates that subscribers are getting value from it), but we should probably get more input from you — our clients, customers and newsletter subscribers.

To change things up a bit for August, I’ve created a theme called “You Asked For It.” Over the next few weeks, I would like you to submit questions that I will then respond to. Your questions can be about me, or they can be about anything else you would like to ask (including the areas of business/career, wealth/finance, relationships/family, health/fitness, spiritual/inspirational, etc.)

You may submit your questions in one of three ways:

1. Send an email to, with “You Asked For It” in the subject line.
2. Fax your question to our office. (734-254-9973, Attn: Marti)
3. Comment on the Work Less, Make More blog.

I’m really looking forward to this, and I hope you will find it useful, too.

So please so submit your questions now… and then in August tune in to read my response to your questions!
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