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Wherever You Are…Be There

The holiday season was a wonderful time for my family and me. What I noticed most about this time was the absence of activity. Our children were on vacation from school, and all extracurricular activities were on hold. There was much less “hustle and bustle”, which really allowed us to focus on the joy of the season, and to focus on each other. I felt like we were all truly, and fully, present.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get caught up in life, and to completely miss this. That is, to be doing, without actually being present. Too often, we become so focused on the urgent, that the important aspects of our life fall by the wayside, or at least get put further down on the
priority list.

We sacrifice so much by not being present. At best, the experience was not what it might have been. At worst, we are left with emptiness, or indifference, having failed to benefit at all. By focusing so much on the past, or the future, we often miss the wonder of the present.

So how can be completely present? How can we devote our attention to that which is before us in the moment? Below are a few suggestions:

Simplify your life. By eliminating, delegating or reengineering certain aspects of your life, you will create space for the present. Instead of going, going, going, you will have more time for simply being. Clean your closets, garage and drawers. Spend less time with people who
drain you. Delegate, or automate.

Keep a gratitude journal. At the end of the day (or beginning, if that works better for you), write down everything for which you are thankful. Really feel the gratitude for all that you are receiving. By keeping this in a notebook or journal, you will have a central location for these thoughts.

Make a list of things that bring you joy. Notice the big things, and also the little things. What would you have to do to feel these on a regular basis? Commit to giving yourself these “gifts” on a regular basis.

Become more aware of what is happening around you. Using all your senses, really feel and appreciate the beautiful world in which you live. What are the cool colors, textures and sounds that you are experiencing? What have you passed every day for years, but rarely noticed or appreciated?

Acknowledge the important people in your life. We often take those closest to us for granted. Shift gears, and relate to them the wonderful contribution that they make in your life.

The great business philosopher, Jim Rohn, instructs us to “work when we are at work, and to play when we are at play.” Choose today, and every day, to enjoy life by being fully present. Wherever you are, be there!

As always, I'd love to hear from you! If you have any helpful hints on being fully present, please contact me.

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