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Don’t Let Time Tick Away

You probably give a 110% effort into everything you do—from your work life to your personal life—yet it feels like it’s never enough! No one ever seems satisfied! You, your boss, and your family want more—whether it’s your time, work, or attention.

So, you wind up working harder and longer, but you get frustrated because you don’t see results. You feel exhausted because you aren’t getting enough sleep. Eventually, this exhaustion can cause stress-related physical and mental problems.

Don’t let your time—and your life—tick away with no results!

5 tips to keep your time from ticking away:

  1. Determine your peak periods. These are the times of day when you have the most energy and are most productive. Maybe you wake up with a burst of energy. Maybe your caffeine doesn’t kick in until late morning. Or, maybe you’re more productive after 3 o’clock. Identify your peak periods and plan on tackling your most complex projects during this time. Next, see how you can boost your energy during other times throughout the day. Maybe a short walk or a healthy snack is all it takes!
  1. The “to do” list. Many of us have a love-hate relationship with “to-do” lists. We love that they identify our tasks and projects, but we hate that they’re never-ending! Some items we just never get to, others seem so overwhelming. Therefore, there’s little satisfaction with the “to-do” list. To make your list more manageable and satisfying, schedule time in your planner for each item. Then, you’ll be more disciplined to do it.
  1. Plan for interruptions. It’s almost guaranteed that as soon as you sit down to work on a project, someone knocks on your door or calls you. Make sure you schedule interruptions into your calendar. Of course, you never know when something (or someone) will pop up, so be aware of the times you’re typically interrupted. If it’s in the mornings, “cushion” your morning timeline. Or, when someone interrupts, let them know you want to talk, but ask if you can schedule it later.
  1. Don’t let e-mail take over. How in the world did we live without e-mail? Yes, it’s a wonderful tool but it can be a huge barrier to your productivity. Avoid the temptation of checking your email every five minutes. Rather, schedule times throughout the day to check. For example, every thirty minutes or every hour. Additionally, don’t let e-mail dictate your day. If you’re sent an e-mail that requests action from you, schedule it rather than putting off what you’re currently doing.
  1. Delegate. There comes a time when you need to admit that you can’t do it all. It’s okay to delegate tasks that don’t require your expertise! Delegating isn’t “dumping” on others. Rather, it’s giving someone else an opportunity to grow. Be clear about the assignment’s purpose, outcome, and due date. Also provide the resources and assistance that needed.

We don’t realize that we often waste time on insignificant matters. Stay focused on your priorities and manage your activities so you can be most productive with your time.

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