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Life is Perfect

It’s always easy to find something that isn’t right about the world. Here in Michigan, for example (and I suspect this is also the case elsewhere), we complain in the winter that it is too cold, and in the summer that it is too hot. The economy could certainly be better, and we could have more, and do more. It’s easy to adopt the “glass is half-empty” philosophy.

How would life be different if we accepted the premise that “life is perfect?” Could it be that things are always the way they are meant to be? This might be easier to accept when things are going well than when it’s too hot, when the stock market is down, or when we are in a state of ill health. But what if all things happen for a reason, in ways that we may not always understand?

Life is perfect. Perfect doesn’t necessarily mean great, or the way you want it to be. Rather, perfect refers to the way it is meant to be, in the present moment.

Why is life perfect? Think about all that is good in the world, and in our lives. First of all, if you’re reading this, that means you’re alive. Beyond that obvious example, we could all list dozens, if not hundreds, of things for which we are grateful. There are so many wonderful things happening in our lives---right now.

This idea will be viewed by some as extreme. “Yes,” you say “life is good. But perfect?”

All I can say to you is “try it on.” Embrace the idea that life is perfect. If you can own this concept, truly adopting it as a philosophy, it will cause you to move ahead significantly in your personal development. Allow yourself to experience the perfection of the moment. Make the most of today, the present, now.

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