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photoSuccess Coach, Founder of LifeExcellence

Brian inspires and supports clients who are committed to improving performance and achieving greater success in their business and personal lives. His action-oriented, results-driven style of coaching empowers his clients to get from where they are to where they want to be.

Brian's clients have enjoyed some level of success in their business and/or personal life prior to hiring him, and all clients enter the relationship with a strong desire to take their lives "to the next level." Most of Brian's clients are executives, professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs. By developing success habits practiced by all high-performing men and women, these clients get more of the things they really want in life -- faster, easier and with greater predictability than before. Whether the area of focus is business, personal, or a combination of the two, clients get very clear on what they are committed to, and develop a plan to produce results that are consistent with that commitment.

Brian helps clients to dream bigger dreams -- to play a bigger game. He encourages those he works with to 'think outside the box', pointing out that we cannot achieve significant breakthroughs in life until and unless we challenge our current way of thinking and doing.

Brian is a graduate of Coach University, and is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). He has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Alma College, and an MBA (Finance emphasis) from Wayne State University. Brian lives in Plymouth, Michigan with his wife and 4 children, and he enjoys reading, running, travel and collecting sports memorabilia.

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